River Hills Golf and Country Club

River Hills is a section in the coastal town of Little River, SC, along the Grand Strand. River Hills consists of 392 acres of gorgeous, rolling landscape. You will be amazed at the layout, the natural landscaping, and the beauty of River Hills. Featuring a well managed golf course, winding creek, ponds and natural wooded sections, River Hills homes feature breathtaking views and peaceful, picturesque retreats. The area is ideal for all ages and provides a perfect setting for golfers, boaters, fishing enthusiasts and anyone who wants to reside in fantastic surroundings.

The River Hills’ location gives homeowners and residents an opportunity of being close to virtually everything that Myrtle Beach has to offer, as well as the privacy of a serene neighborhood. You can easily gain access to great shopping, fine dining, recreation facilities and entertainment centers that provide you with award-winning entertainment. The facilities that you will require on a regular basis will always be a stone’s throw away and all of the activities you would like to engage in will be a few minutes away.

If you are looking for an established golf course community for your next home, consider the River Hills homes for sale in Little River, South Carolina. River Hills is designed around the famous River Hills Golf and Country Club, which is renowned for its unparalleled combination of customer service, value and course condition. That’s why River Hills homes are regarded highly when it comes to golf course living. The area provides a number of amenities for recreation and an ideal setting to meet with other community members.
Homes in River Hills vary from new to over two decades in age, and you can find a number of styles and designs to choose from. The community provides ranch-style s homes, which are flawlessly maintained with impressive views of the ponds and golf course. The neighborhood features a range of striking and affordable houses at prices that will appeal to any investor or homebuyer. Most of the apartments and condos, particularly the new ones, feature facilities such as gyms, pools, and playgrounds. Prices will typically vary based on size and location in the neighborhood.
Whether parents want to enroll their children in a private school or a public school in River Hills, there are many options top consider around this section of Myrtle Beach. The schools are impressive with many of them performing well in both academics and extracurricular activities. Little River School focuses on academics, but there are also extracurricular activities such as music and sports.
The neighborhood offers plenty of dining and shopping options in close proximity to River Hills Golf and Country Club. There are some key restaurants to celebrate or lament your golf game over a hot meal or cold drinks. And after a round of golf, you get a chance to kick back and loosen up with friends at a top restaurant. Some of the most popular restaurants in River Hills include Sea Captain’s House, Library Restaurant and Aspen Grille.
Nestled amidst Myrtle Beach’s entertainment zone, River Hills Golf and Country Club mingles one’s passion for adventure with the entertainment of water-related fun. You can find a range of live music and theatres in River Hills and the surrounding areas every week. If you would like to relax and catch sports on the big screen, you will also find great places near the waterfront. This amazing attraction beckons both the old and the young to indulge to their fetish desires.
Heavily forested with natural wetlands, the River Hills Golf & Country Club features an impressive wildlife environment, with an amazing array of animals and birds. Here, you can watch animals such as alligators, possums, raccoons, spirals and even bobcats. Other incredible recreation includes cruising at the Sea Thunder Cruise, which is just 1.3 miles from the River Hills Golf & Country Club. Moreover, Myrtle Beach Watersports is found just 1.7 miles from the club for an amazing jet skiing experience.
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