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Carolina Forest - e North Myrtle Beach Real Estate

For people looking to relocate to Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest has emerged as one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the area. It’s easy to see why. At Carolina Forest you are minutes away from Myrtle Beach’s main attractions while living away from its hustle and bustle. Not surprisingly, whether it is young families or retirees, Carolina Forest offers something to everyone.

Carolina Forest, an unincorporated community, lies sandwiched between Myrtle Beach and Conway with 20 single family home communities. The final plan, approved by Horry county, is to have as many as 20,000 single and multiple family home sites.

Here is our top 6 reasons why you should choose Carolina Forest as your neighborhood.

If you are looking for an established golf course community for your next home, consider the River Hills homes for sale in Little River, South Carolina. River Hills is designed around the famous River Hills Golf and Country Club, which is renowned for its unparalleled combination of customer service, value and course condition. That’s why River Hills homes are regarded highly when it comes to golf course living. The area provides a number of amenities for recreation and an ideal setting to meet with other community members.
Family values and community:
Homes in River Hills vary from new to over two decades in age, and you can find a number of styles and designs to choose from. The community provides ranch-style s homes, which are flawlessly maintained with impressive views of the ponds and golf course. The neighborhood features a range of striking and affordable houses at prices that will appeal to any investor or homebuyer. Most of the apartments and condos, particularly the new ones, feature facilities such as gyms, pools, and playgrounds. Prices will typically vary based on size and location in the neighborhood.
Several surveys and research have confirmed Carolina Forest’s position as one of the most sought after family friendly neighborhoods in the State. Based on a combination of factors, including education and crime statistics, Carolina Forest has been ranked among the top 10 percent of family friendly neighborhoods in the South Carolina.
Whether it is ethnicity or language, Carolina Forest is undoubtedly one of the most diverse communities to live in the whole of South Carolina. Apart from its ethnic diversity, Carolina Forest is also home to a substantial percentage of people who speak languages other than English at home. Besides English, other predominant languages spoken at home include Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew.
The strength of the local schools in Carolina Forest has been one of the main attractions for families with young kids. One of the top school districts in the whole of South Carolina, the public schools in this neighborhood have doubled their enrollment numbers over the last 5 years.
Living in the heart of Myrtle Beach comes with its own set of bonuses. On a typical day, you would have the option to choose between a lazy excursion at the beach, world class restaurants, top notch nightlife, and much more. Living in Carolina Forest further adds to your choices when it comes to spending your leisure time. For example, within Carolina Forest, there are two golf courses, Man O’War and The Wizard, where you can work on your handicap.
Carolina Forest is probably one of the youngest neighborhoods to have come up in the state of South Carolina. In other words, the neighborhood greets you with its freshness, whether it is bold new residential architecture, stunning landscaping, or efficiently designed civic amenities. The fact that you can enjoy such world class amenities at affordable prices further sweetens the deal.
When compared against the nationwide statistics, it becomes apparent that Carolina Forest is a solidly middle class community. Whether it is statistics about children living below federal poverty line, national income or any other related social indicator, Carolina Forest comfortably bests the national average. Most importantly, the booming tourism industry in the city of Myrtle Beach has ensured that a substantial number of residents are professionally employed in the competitive services industry. In sum, you get to be a part of a vibrant and educated community.
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