Myrtle Beach

Enjoying a warm subtropical climate and long stretches of pristine beaches, Myrtle Beach has long been a favorite with tourists from all over the United States. Clearly, the city offers enough in terms of weather, cultural experiences and other activities to attract well over 14 million tourists to spend their vacations here.

But about living in Myrtle Beach? After all, most of the touristy cities are marked by high prices that makes everyday life a struggle for residents. Happily, Myrtle Beach seems to have bucked this trend. It would be a mistake, however, to think that Myrtle Beach stands out only due to its affordability.

Let us, then, take a look at some of the best reasons to choose a Myrtle Beach living.

Myrtle Beach offers a remarkably high quality of life that only comes at great cost in other cities. To start with, the tax rate in the city is low which means you can enjoy the good things in life. Whether it is property tax, or complete exemption on social security benefits, you will find that in Myrtle Beach you get more bang for your buck.
Compared to cities of its size, Myrtle Beach offers a huge range of employment opportunities. While a majority of these opportunities are dependent on its booming tourism industry, there are also considerable opportunities to be found in other industries including healthcare and banking.
Blessed with 60 miles of pristine beaches abutting the glistening Atlantic, there is no city that comes close to Myrtle Beach in offering a lifestyle that is both leisurely and full of options. Living in this city means that you have access to restaurants serving cuisine from every part of the globe, as well as several other entertainment options. However, unlike other touristy coastal cities that have their beaches overrun by visitors, you will find plenty of quiet stretches in Myrtle Beach. Whether it is just lazing at a beach, enjoying a picnic with the family, fishing, or getting your adrenaline rush with some watersports, Myrtle Beach offers it all.
If you were to hold a poll among both residents and visitors to this city, you’d likely find them agreeing on the weather of Myrtle Beach being one of its most important attractions. The year round mild and pleasant weather of this city is a direct contributor to the quality of life of its citizens. While a large part of the country spends time indoors or shoveling snow in winter time, residents of Myrtle Beach have no such hassles as they go about enjoying outdoor activities throughout the year.
Myrtle Beach is so well known for reasons mentioned above that a lot of people never get to know about its strong community life and other facilities that are important for a family. For example, the city offers a host of choice to students. You will find a number of schools, universities and trade schools to meet your educational needs. Similarly, the city offers you the opportunity to join various groups and organizations promoting art and culture, and give back to the community.
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