Important Things That You Will Have To Do After Relocating To Myrtle Beach

New beginnings are beckoning in Myrtle Beach where you will definitely live a life that is comfortable and convenient. This has been made possible by the reliable utilities and infrastructure, as well as the commitment of the local government to providing top-notch services. However, before you start enjoying life in this beautiful city, you will first have to get the hard stuff out of the way. You will have to fulfill a couple of requirements during your first few months here. Knowledge of these requirements will enable you to complete them on time so that you can go on and enjoy your new life. Some of them include:

Vehicle registration

If your vehicle is registered in your current state, you will have to transfer the registration to the state of South Carolina within 45 days of relocating to Myrtle Beach. This is done by completing the Application for Certificate of Title or Registration form, also known as Form 400. You can mail this form to the SCDMV, together with the registration and title from your previous state, vehicle property tax receipts, and details on your liability insurance. In case your vehicle is covered by a national insurance provider, you should contact them and inform them about your move so that they can change your address to your new Myrtle Beach address.

Driver’s license application

You will have to get a driver’s license from the State of Carolina within 90 days after relocating here in order to legally drive in this city. This is by either filling the Form 447-NC, or the Form 447-CDL. The form that you fill depends on the class of driver’s license that you have. In case you want to use a different name on your driver’s license from the name that is printed on your birth certificate, you will have to provide proof of the name change. This could be in the form of court documents, adoption papers, or your marriage certificate.

If you have a driver’s license from your former state that has expired by 9 months or more, you will be asked to take a road test and a knowledge examination before you get a new driver’s license from South Carolina. If this is your situation, you will have to call the DMV offices after you relocate in order to schedule the location and date of the road test.

Calling utility companies

You will need a number of utilities when you relocate to your house, including phone, gas, electricity, water, garbage and waste management, internet, and cable. Since you need these services as soon as you move into the house, you will have to call the utility companies before your moving date. You will inform them about the date of your move so that they can organize these services by the time you arrive. In case you do not have any of these utilities by the time you move into your house, you should contact the utility company immediately in order to fix this.

Forwarding school details to your new school district

If your children are still in school, you will have to contact their old school and ask them to forward their information and transcripts to their new school and their new school district. You will also have to contact the school district in order to make sure that all applications and forms have been completed. There are two school districts in Myrtle Beach, and you will get information on the schools in each of the districts in their respective websites.

Voter registration

If you wish to participate as a voter in Myrtle Beach, you will need to be registered as a voter at least thirty days before an election. In order to register, you will be required to provide your SCDMV ID and your driver’s license. If you lived in another city or town within the state of South Carolina before relocating to Myrtle Beach, you will have to change your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles before registering as a voter. Registration can be done online at, or in person at the County Board of Voter Registration offices. You can also download the forms, complete them, and then mail them or fax them to the County Board of Voter Registration offices. You can start the voter registration process as soon as you obtain your South Carolina driver’s license.


There are quite a number of requirements after relocating to Myrtle Beach. They will require a bit of time and effort, but they can easily be completed. Completing them will ensure that your relocation is smooth and that you have an easier time settling into the beautiful city of Myrtle Beach.

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